Style Shrimp: Runway


For those of you that don't follow me on social media (like, what are you doing??) I've been away at NZ Fashion Week having a real ball of a time dressing up, scavenging free bevvys and practising my runway poker face (unless I'm in row three because then it just doesn't matter..) 

You can imagine that Fashion Week is this peculiar thing, as a first timer you could say I was timidly shaking in my metallic blue kitten heels, pretending there weren't blisters residing in the all places uncomfortable and grinning through gritted teeth at the glares and stares at my rather outrageous feather suit. 

If I learnt anything it's fake it till you make it, go hard or go home, take it to the runway, runway, run, run, runway (for all my Ru Fans out there, much love). There's a certain attitude to uphold, if you think you're important - then so do they. So flick below to check out my dramatic, bold and bright outfits that drew a few stares from the crowd.

Thanks to Jodi Melody for snapping me silly (and being my mumager) I can showcase all my looks for you, right here, right now.  Let me know what you think in the comments below, much love shrimpies xo

There's no such thing as a blue Monday in this cheeky number. You could say envisioning a heavily blue and patterned suit garnished in feathers is possibly an odd request, but Kristen Meaclem didn't bat an eyelid. She executed my dream outfit perfectly and now I'll probably have to get married in it. Perfect for an opening, don't you think?

Where's the passion if it ain't pink? Pulling business casual in this shrimp tone linen vintage suit as Tuesday daywear, paired with retro platforms I nabbed for $2 and vintage Calvin Klein shades that left me feeling all "can I speak to your manger" type of ways. 

If ABBA stared in a spy movie, this would be the costuming. Meet my deliciously retro ABBA-esque flared jumpsuit I teamed with a mandarin collared blouse, retro bright trench coat and a leather belt. And of course the earrings match, but like, dah.

If you didn't read Little House on the Prairie as a child then I'm sorry, did you grow up okay? Reliving prairie times in this vintage night gown and dramatic gothic lippy, and yes, that is a sheepskin purse pal accompanying me. 

Pulling the ultimate colour block out of the bag for day three night shows. Wearing a retro beaded dress, Monki blood red tights and ASOS metallic kitten heels. I'm like a walking fire work, ka-boom. 

With my final day looming it made sense to wear everything in my suit case I hadn't had the chance to showcase - and thats exactly what I did. The beautifully vibrant skirt by Jojo, second hand silk top, Coop Jacket, UNIF boots and Giant Vintage sunnies because you can't be shady lady at fashion week without shades - on right?

It was a week of matchy-matchy so why would the final night show be any different? Above is a fully sourced second hand (and immaculate) outfit, who needs to buy new? Sass&Bide blazer, mandarin collar blouse, Karen Walker neck scarf, Olivia metallic skirt and Zara cowboy boots - boot scooting baby, this greens got me feeling crazy!

Hannah Jensen