Sick for Days

What I'd wear if I hadn't been sick as f***.


When you're sick it's hard to comprehend anything - let alone putting an outfit together. For five days pjs were my uniform of choice, pale skin my ideal aesthetic and vapour-rub my scent wafting from my electric blanket burrito. I got cabin fever, I was angry - furious!! I was sick of doing nothing and kind of distressed I wouldn't be able to deliver on my Selfies for Days - again. 

I came up with what I'd wear if I hadn't been sick as f***. I jumped on board to get dressed up and had the most delightful time before whimpering back to my luscious bed and Netflix. So please do take note of the glorious hand made pom-pom jumper, the Chanel-esque jacket that gives a touch of classy, the green suit that should only be worn on St Patricks day and the velvet skirt that doubles as a dress. Think of me as you get dressed today, make it good, make it great and make it grand - for me, because I can't.

Thank you all, and wishing you fine health as I reach for some painkillers.

Hannah Jensen