Room Service: It's a two way.

Emma Bernard and Beck's Haig are the two best friends that anyone wishes they could have. Two very different styles, souls and personalities that come together and put the "aww" in "awww I wish we could all have friends like you." I had the honour of hanging out, snapping pics and getting to know how personal style, identity and general life keeps these gals closer than ever.

They've been bffles for 3 years, 6 months and 4 days (but who's counting?), and I imagine many more years to come. We've got a classic case of opposites attract, but they're still one in the same. Beck's is sweet and sassy, has attitude and exudes glam through her day to day life. If anyones style is pulling of ironic and iconic, it hers. She loves a bit of classic brand bashing, creating full leopard outfits and mimicking a new age spice girl. She's known to pair designer denim and sneakers, from work - to play to gym, that's what we like to hear. As for music, it's not a night out for Beck's unless you're sipping on wine and bumping to your two fave Justin's (Bieber & Timberlake).

Emma, on the other hand, is bubbly, sweet and often draped in pastel tones and oversized structured clothing - something she's very fond of. For me, Em's iconic personal style comes down to her cute as heck fringe, a signature association I've made. On the low key, Emma brews more than just good coffee, she's a bit of a local talent here in Wellington with her ambient electronic tunes that might have already graced your presence. As for style influences, Emma seeks inspiration from the film Barberella, a mix of retro and futurism. 

When it comes to their own personal style it's all about confidence and expressing yourself. "Personal style is like listening to music, it can just completely change how you feel - clothing does the exact same thing. Look good, feel better," Emma says. They both admit they influence each other, if Em owns three berets you can almost bet your bottom dollar Beck's has got the same. When you spend time with each other it's natural to take on some of their looks and use your friend as inspiration. 

In the ever evolving ways of personality the girls speak some true as heck advice; "Be open to anything, don't be judgemental. Change is so important. Continue to do things, don't be stagnant.. let new things in," said Emma. Beck's says dark periods really helped her develop and change, "knowing that when you've come out of certain anxieties and battles mean you have the ability to make it out of anything."

As for their 16 year olds selves? "Take a chill pill, don't be so dramatic. You're not going to marry the guy you're with so stop being sad. And your pants don't need to be as tight as they can be. Get rid of the velvet skirt." says Becks. And Emma says "Chill the fuck out. Stop wearing so much black."

Cheers to two great lasses, you've got one hell of a friendship going on. Thanks for stopping me on the street that night, I've enjoyed every moment of getting to know you both.


Hannah Jensen