Brb, finding myself.

Your personal style is ever evolving which explains those oh so annoying mornings where, despite clothes strewn everywhere – there is nothing to wear. Don’t worry, I believe you. You’re at that age where you feel lost lookingat your wardrobe and you just don’t know where to begin. Maybe it’s just not ‘you’ anymore or it could be time to revamp and restyle some of your existing favourites. 

There’s a transitional phase around growing up and developing your own sense of taste that calls for a lot of research, experimentation and shopping (yes, lots of it.) Don’t fret, I’m going to teach you how to get inspired and find what works for you on the cheap because it’s true what they say – what goes around comes around and the hunt is part of the fun.

I found that when I was growing up it wasn’t just about the rate the boobs and butt were expanding outside of my favourite jeans, it was about the experiences and adventures that
pieced together the identity I created. And that’s the point, it’s your identity, not anybody else’s. Some of us have a distinctive idea of who we are and how we want to look from a young age, for others it takes time and ‘finding yourself’ is the hardest part.

The impact of the way you dress is bigger than first impressions. Great style lets you approach each day with confidence. Too many people put themselves into a bracket of ‘I wish.’ I wish I could dress like you, I wish I could pull that off. Why can’t you? By putting yourself into this category you’re limiting yourself and the risksyou could be taking with your own wardrobe. Imagine how good the shopping could be?

I always ask people about their mindset when they’re dressing up, what do you listen to, what movies inspired this outfit? There’s always inspiration coming from somewhere. Watch ‘Clueless’ for an infectious 90’s rom – com and wicked co – ordinated outfits. If you’re more into relaxed and effortless look into ‘Almost Famous’ for peasant top envy as Kate Hudson struts around in the most glorious 70’s looks.Maybe you’re a good girl gone bad and need to shake it up with some ‘Grease,’ an all time favorite that’ll have you conflicted over 50’s dresses, leather pants and maybe a perm.

Find time for trial and error. Put together the crazy and the strange, you might just
find something that screams your name, you have to try to know. Take confidence in the fact that your personal identity is going to change dramatically through your life, so don’t waste time exploring the safe when you want embrace the outrageous. 

Hannah Jensen