Room Service: A Real Rose

Images by Samantha Yates, 2017

Rosie Ackland, femme fun dream girl from the sunny side of the coast spends her time sewing "knickers" to make the world a better place, one retro inspired bikini at a time. One look at her style and you'll be diving towards the 70's in mustard tones that only Rosie and a hotdog can pull off. Since meeting Rosie way-back when I was forever in awe with her effortless beachy vibes, now she chats with me about her style and what it means to her. (Low key fan girl, but don't tell her.)

1. Describe your style in three words?

Feminine, fun and vintage.

2. What’s the soundtrack to your life?

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers got me through my teens. HAIM was the soundtrack to my life when I was partying with my best mate Freya and now days Magic radio station is my jam. 

3. Why is personal style important to you? 

Personal style can be such a big part of your identity, clothes can speak volumes about a person and can make people feel inspired or nostalgic. I love that about fashion.

4. Who influences you the most?

Theres not so much a 'who' that influences me, I am extremely influenced by different eras- The 30's and 70's are my fav!

5. When did you first start considering your own style? 

I was pretty young, I cant remember when exactly but I think I always had my own style and knew what I liked. It is always changing too but something about it will always stay the same. Both of my parents have always been into fashion and have been pretty out there in terms of their clothing. 

6. Best song to boogie to?

American girl - Tom Petty

7. Worst outfit you’ve ever worn that you know of?

Probably my ball outfit in year 12, I love the dress still but I wore this really big silver necklace to cover my chest and it just did not suit the dress. 

8. Best outfit?

I love looking back at old photos and some of the things I put together when I was 15/16 were outrageous, very 'desperately seeking Susan' inspired.

9. Best childhood outfit?

A baby blue velvet mini dress from D.E.K.A

10. A Rosie beauty tip: 

If you're not feeling great, or don't know what to wear. Put your makeup on, do your hair and then whatever you chuck on will look great!

11. If you had an alter ego who would she be? 

A party girl like Brittany Murphy in the film Uptown Girls

12. Best outfit you've seen in a movie?

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scar face, her outfits are the best. 

13. Your house is on fire!! You can only grab one thing! 

The animals of-course! Clothing related, I would have to choose my suede jacket with sheep skin trim. 

14. If you could tell one thing to your childhood self what would it be?

Draw and paint as much as you can and don't start riding in cars with boys until you're at least 18.

15. What’s next for you?

I am going to continue on working on my label Beach Knickers and do a little bit of travel over the next year or so. 

Hannah Jensen