Life Lessons: Episode 1

The things I learnt today:

  1. $500 is a lot of money.
  2. $500 is a lot of money.
  3. $500 is a lot of money.

When it comes to styling, it’s great. You have the opportunity to put together looks, create pictures and play with clothes you could otherwise never afford. Lets stress that last phrase - never afford. On the downside it’s a lot of work and might I add (especially on this day) pressure.

It’s all fun and games until you’re typing through half dried tears, listing your wardrobe on trademe and eating plain hot pasta out of a bowl in hopes of filling a now empty void that is located in your bank account. 

As a stylist you become liable for any damage, you’re taking stock away that is there to be sold and no one wants to buy a pre-worn, make up ridden blouse with the price tag of a small car. What you don’t anticipate is something actually happening to you.

I was trotting around with thousands of dollars (literalllllly) worth of merchandise the other day and I was aware of it. You become stressed about the smallest thing like grabbing a drink or putting bags down to unlock your house. And sometimes, no matter how careful you are - things just happen.

I fucked the pooch guys. This morning I found myself turned upside down and inside out as I drew dollars from my course related costs that really, this year, should have stayed in there. After taking all the accurate precautions I had an unlucky trip with masking tape and “soft as a babies bum” calf leather sole of a flippin shoe.

As a consequence I was liable, therefore I purchased the shoes. She's cute you know, don't get me wrong. Metallic pink, soft on the inside, a bit edgy on the outside - so whats' the problem? Not my size, and not my budget. They say after a break up you go through several stages of grieving - denial, anger, hope, acceptance.. I'm sorry bank account, it wasn't supposed to end like this.

I’ve now found myself summing up everything I could have got for $500 - return flights to Rarotonga, 6 weeks worth of groceries for two, ten cats from the SPCA, my entire cart on ASOS or perhaps 166 earrings from Sans Jewellery.  

Brb, gonna list my kidney on trademe. 

(ps: If you're in the market for new shoes

Hannah Jensen