7 Days of Selfies

On the seventh day of selfies I must confess, I've been slacker. Hello all, and welcome to my wardrobe wears of the week. Without pulling excuses from my bag (a fun as heck Ostrich leather retro number bag that is!) My apologies, university comes first - but it doesn't mean I haven't been wearing some kick arse outfits while I'm at this.

This weeks been all about the colour and the clash - two of my favourite C words. When I'm stressed it's best to get dressed up, take a load off and call it some "me time." I also secretly don't want others to notice I'm down in the depths of despair and drowning in word vomit.

My outfit of the week goes to the new comfy as heck retro Adidas trackies, boyfriends loud tee and camo open shirt. Teamed this look with some glitter flat forms to give it the stamp of femininity.

Stay tuned for next weeks, I promise it will be here! 

Hannah Jensen