Spot me in a crowd: Baggy Style

Images: Jodi Melody

There's something homely about a loose fitting dress. Perhaps it's all the places you could go, and the comfort you will feel. One thing I've learnt for sure is the difference between good baggy and bad baggy.

Bad baggy the kind of baggy that leaves you feeling plain, and dear I say it - lame. When I'm investing in online purchases I'm not going to lie, I always go up. I'd rather  be swimming in cloth apposed to waddling in a sausage casing.

For awhile there I found myself seeking comfort in the loose, the baggy but guess what? I just ended up looking saggy. I recently sold a heap of those purchases and found myself inspired again by my waist - if you got it, flaunt it. I'm not saying everyday I pull out a wee sexy number for the kids at uni but I'm now much more obliged to show it off (when I can be bothered) than cover it up.

My trick for getting away with some baggy purchases are belts. Belts are your best friend. I was never that into them until this year but they really tie things together.  I got this dress of ASOS Reclaimed Vintage, one of my best online purchases that I can wear in so many ways. On lazy days it looks great with a chunky knit and the pussy bow pulled out. 

Hannah Jensen