DIY: Cheaper than chips

To some degree it's not about what your wearing or who you're wearing anymore - It's ALL about the ear dangle. The glam, the chic and the crazy. I know over the last three years my earring collection has grown astoundingly to a potential embarrassing level. 

But who can't not give in? An outfit without earrings is like skipping your underwear - a crucial point of a look, a naughty mistake. 

My problem is that I never want to have the same as someone else which is why I started making my own. I'd often trawl through through op shops, looking for necklaces to break apart but it's two dollar shops and Kmart that have the real gold.

The trick is to look for anything in sets of two, eureka! Key rings. I've found strawberries, lemon slices, mini torches and dinosaurs - all that's left is the bulk hooks and rings from spotlight and your sorted! If you're serous about the earring game then its best to invest in a few hard tools to get the best result, again you can find any creative equipment from your local spotlight or sew store. 

Down below I've chucked in five pairs of earrings that I made on the cheap, that you could too. DIY yourself, sista! And remember when you look good, you'll feel great.