Who even am I?

To say the least I am in no means writer or a professional blogger. If anything I'm a starting point, but that seems like a good place to start, right? So welcome friends, families and strangers to my blog where I intend to inspire, engage and hopefully share a few giggles with you on this journey of clothing, personal style and what gets us ticking - one outfit to the next. I'll be trialling new things, engaging with foreign ideas and interviewing people that I feel have interesting stories, wardrobes and most importantly style. 

Me and my wardrobe by Jodi Melody, '17

So here's some quick fire questions to get you warmed up to me - thank god for algorithms and generators cause its really hard to questionnaire yourself! 

What do you do? I make art and think deeply about why people do things, I’m a fourth year graphic design student.

Where are you from? I’m from Wellington City, NZ but originally a country bumpkin from the Bay of Plenty.

How old are you? Twenty One 

Dress up or dress down? Up! Go hard or go home I tell em.

What does fashion mean to you? For me fashion is about personal style, its about buying things that please you, that engage you to feel some sort of confidence or persona in your clothing. It’s about the putting together of outfit, becoming a walking masterpiece and projecting your own personal identity. 

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Burgers! There’s so many different types and you get your greens in so it’s still healthy right?

What beauty product do you rarely leave the house without? My lady love, Mac Lady Danger orange lipstick - it’s an essential part of my identity. 

What's your favourite colour and why? I bounce between so many but i’ll say my current tone is orange - smart, friendly, approachable and that little bit sexy!

The house is on fire! Quick, you’re only allowed to grab one thing, what is it? Easy, my puss Dolce (as in Gabana) she illegally inhabits the flat - but psssst don’t tell anyone!

How did you get into styling? My friend is a photographer (she’s very good, check her out @jodi_melody) and invited me to collaborate on a project one day. It was heaps of fun and I loved having the creativity to merge place with dress and colour through clothing. I've since worked on various shoots but hers are always my favourite. 

Who are your style crushes? Easy, I love different people for particular reasons. Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, she's got the kick arse legs and glamour goals of my life. Lotte Williams, and advocate for ASOS and representing the big boobie girls (yes!), the all round inspiring Alexa Chung of brains and business and Kiwi Trelise Cooper because she's my spirit animal and future goals. 

Hannah Jensen