My Cart: Guilty is charged

So many elements of fun,

so many elements of yum!

My carts a rather personal place, a space of hopes, dreams and money that I do not have. So if you can't purchase an outfit, why not design it? I trawl through online stores and this and that to pull together quirky fun looks that I would love to rock. It's basically a new-age scrapbook, without the nandy-pandy image. These outfits won't be subjective to my 5ft 2 curvy frame so I'm gonna damn well choose whatever I like. 

As we all know mustards so hot right now, so hot that hot dogs are going outa fashion and everyones just wanting to get saucy! Teaming mustard with this super fabulous fuchsia top has me singing and tip toe rocking down the street in zebra heels. Tie the pink in with some cute as heck feet huggers (socks) and lets pop on these fabulous (and rather pricey) bling a lings on (I recommend finding a cheaper alternative if you can!)

What a look, she's a star. Follow the links to make some insane purchases!




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