Wild Side

The return of the faux leopard has a few of us up in arms, to commit or not to commit? To succumb to all things Cheryl West or simply ignore it like we did jeggings (jean-leggings, ugh) and hope it all goes away. I myself jumped on the band wagon and ready to throw my hands up along the ride. 

It's hard you know, to drop the leopard print associations of cheap beer and darts down a side alleyway while draped in matted leopard print with matching clutch and studded t-shirt. But it's out with the old and in with the new.

As Kate Moss has been trotting around in the statement coat since circa 1994 it's not a huge surprise that designers officially announced the coats much anticipated return last american winter.  My question is, how can we forget the coats promiscuous reputation? How can I comfortably wear leopard without resembling the sugar mumma down the road? And - are we drawing on trash and turning it into fash-un?

I feel impeccable styling has allowed leopard to creep up from the dungeon of bad taste and bask in the glory of true style and grace. The leopard has earned its spots. Take note from celebs who have sported this look such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Edie Campbell and Leandra Madine - obviously a bit of a hot topic. 

My personal opinion is more is more when it comes to leopard. Don't team the look with bare skin, make it pop with colour infused ruffle blouses, striking pants or over the top tees sporting your fave band from way back when (the funnier the better). This winter chuck bright scarfs with your coat to make it a statement of you own, matching it to some kick arse pumping boots.

If you're not so comfortable with the outrageous then play it down with DIY frayed jeans, a crisp white tee and your classic old school country boot - simple, classy and a little bit sassy.

In regards to cost don't pay more than you should for this statement piece. Remember that they've been around for a very long time and you'll be able to scoop one up if you pry in the right places (hint, hint: I picked my coat up on Trademe in an off season - meaning it was cheap. If you wait till peak winter vintage stores can creep the prices up on more desirable items.)


Hannah Jensen