Tricks of the Trade: Cost per Wear

Hello there, are you ready to talk finances? 

Ever felt guilty for that slightly inappropriate purchase that you’re too scared to tell your mum about? Or maybe you’re like me and your mum pressures you into it despite the whole ‘student budget’ ordeal you’re going to encounter with next weeks bills because heck it’s getting cold and you’ve been running your heater at night.

I’m someone that usually shops on the cheap. Second hand clothing and trademe bargains are the main substance of my rather extensive wardrobe. But how I’ve always counteracted the size is with the cost. The majority of my purchases are made sustainably and I tend to team the odd expensive item with clothes of lesser value - but you’d never know, and thats the point. 

What always struck me as difficult was parting with large sums of money for one item. I’d find myself comparing the dress to basic necessities: 500 rolls of loo paper, good quality shampoo, dairy free chocolate that actually tastes good… yeah you get the picture. 

Then I came across one super satisfying tip about a year ago: cost per wear. Basically, depending on the item you look at the total price you spent and divide it by the amount of times you wear it. For instance, my new (and absolutely beautiful) Coop coat set me back $239 BUT within the first week I managed to wear it five times! Meaning the value of wear for me is already down to $47.80 - boom town, can I get an amen. 

If that’s only that start of the cooler season then by the time this winters over my coat will be costing me less than a piece of sushi. 

So if we get sustainable here, just think that you would buy a cheap skirt from a classic chainstore and onlywear once or twice or you could take the time to invest in something amazing that you truly love and you wear every single day until the seams can no longer handle all your love and you’re also getting way too old to pull that number off and it turns into a mutton dressed as lamb situation..well, I know where my purchase stands.

Hannah Jensen