Girl Crush: Chill Chloe, we get it.

She's one hell of a kiwi lass with a kick arse style to match - it's safe to say I'm totally crushing. Well travelled and what appears to be well shopped Chloe Hill, stylist and founder of, has me sitting here thinking - yeah, you're pretty cool Chloe. 

Her website consists of dreamy outfits, pops of colour and legs for days, it's gotta be hard looking this good all the time. And  another point to get us all feeling jealous? Man Repeller hit her up for a feature awhile back. Chloe seems to have similarities to Man Repeller mantras - which I love. She's all about not giving a damn whether you like her look or not, knowing at 23 that she didn't need to dress for anyone but herself.

As a gram follower I find myself dribbling at her worldwide vacay pics, vast amount of sunglasses and jewel embellished outfits.  If anyone can get a little bit inspired by her looks than the world will be a better place. Chill Chloe, chill - we think you're cool as fuck.



FashionHannah Jensen