I want you, yes you.

It's all fun and games until you grow up, so why would we force it? I'm from what is presumed to be the last era of awkward. That awkward stage where you don't know how to do your makeup, you experiment with various tones of bottle blonde and don't pash a boy till you're sixteen going on seventeen. 

Now, everything is moving fast. Everyones an Instagram model, everyones promoting the latest mac product and I find myself gasping at the prospect that some (most) of these females are barely fifteen.

So I want your help. If you're around 16 - 18 I want to know about growing up now, whats easy, whats hard - and most importantly what could help. This research will help me discover potential gaps in the market in my bid to help youth culture develop their inner identities through design practises - it's for a good cause.

Feel free to email me styleshrimp@gmail.com or dm me on Instagram @styleshrimp and we can have a chat.

*all conversations are completely private and I will not use your name/details unless approved.


Hannah Jensen