Day Dream Believer

I know I’ve often pondered the psychological reasons behind fashion, especially in the sense of identity. What the majority of late night conclusions draw on is the inevitable world of consumerism, our world. We buy, we consume and we want more. It’s how we have been taught to live. And I can’t deny it as much as the next person - in many ways we love it. 

It’s the thrill of the chase, the stepping out in new shoes and the “check you outs” we get on the street. New feels good, new feels great BUT why?

So I got my figurative spade out and started digging around online, a bit of manual labour never hurt nobody. What I found was this theory of day dreaming. Since way back when we developed this want of things that has grown, consumerism is the development of this growth - feeding off our need. But our need is in fact a want. 

When we want something we imagine ourselves with it. For example, me with the new season Gucci. I can envision myself in this product, see the things I would do and create this false illusion within my subconscious. Now i might purchase vintage items or knocks offs that replicate the style and feel good for a little bit, but I will never be fully fulfilled. 

Psychologists suggests this is because our daydreams are so beautiful and impactful that no item will ever live up to our imagination - therefore we continue to want, need and search for replacements to fill the void. And thus people, this is how we are easily marketed to. 

A few days later I found myself watching documentaries on Youtube and saw the most accurate example. While analysing Ralph Lauren’s success as a business and fashion empire he was interviewed about his vision. He wanted people that never grew up with the lawn bowls and weekend wines in the Hampton’s to have the ability to dress like they did. For the kids who could never afford private school to later on in life dwell in the past and sport a handkerchief as pocket filler to match their maroon stripe tie and blazer. This would signify to his buyers that they had finally made it. 

I won’t sit here and say I’m no day dream believer, because I am. I think its important to have hopes, and wants and things to strive for - the same picture that Lauren created. And one day maybe, just maybe, I’ll be walking out of Gucci feeling really good. 

Hannah Jensen