Girl Diaries: A pill-ar in our community

At the ripe age of 21 with a long term boyfriend you could ask any medical professional the how to’s of contraception and you’ll most likely begin your first rounds of pill popping. The pill becomes your number one priority, the time, the day, the cycle. Doctors will claim that you have so much control, you’ll feel better. But will you?

I had my own battles with my hormones, diving between anxious period triggers due to bad living environments and then missing it altogether on various occasions. Between trips to doctors, medical scans and the fear of having my child bearing abilities taken away from me - I was a mess. The most frustrating part though was how it was handled.

I was continuously referred to different brands. Ava, Ava30, Norimin. I’d experience migraines, body cramping and mood swings. I was soon at the stage of pumping my body with hormones, dealing with the headaches, just to stop the bleeding. I finally came to the conclusion that maybe what my body needed was to return to a natural state. 

I know I'm not the only one to dip and dive through period dramas, but doesn't that make it a problem within itself?

With ever growing teen pregnancies our doctors find that its easy to get us onto contraception, fix the problem from the start - it makes sense. But what we neglect to research is how this will effect our bodies, especially as we are all so different.

Before you jump on the pill have a look at some of the side effects and facts first, get educated and find our more about you body.

1. You might get sad.

Various studies suggest that a quarter of woman taking oral contraception also feel depressed, anxious and somewhat unstable resulting in the prescription of antidepressants. If you feel this way talk to a medical profession AND a naturopath. Often you will get differing results but you’ll know what recommendations are right for you. 

2. Your skin will clear up.

The pill is not only for contraception, many young adults and teens are recommended contraception to clear up ongoing acne. I found when I went off the pill that I ended up with hormonal pimples (found around the lips and chin) and these disappeared two weeks after pill taking later on. Acne is stressful, especially as young adults battle with self identity so its fortunate the pill is able to prevent these symptoms. 

3. Your periods will be easier.

After pill taking for four years I could barely remember the immobilising cramps that would leave me doubled over in public places. When on the pill your periods are light, short and a hassle you barely encounter depending on your routine.  

4. You might gain weight.

It either happens or it doesn't - again, all of our bodies are just so different. What is unavoidable is the systems of the pill. What it does is makes your body ‘think’ you are pregnant. This being the reason you’re able to skip your period as often as you like and have unprotected sex. 

Hannah Jensen